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Reporting Season Insight: Focus remains on sustainable long-term earnings growth 24-Mar-2017

At Hyperion, our investment process centres on investing in companies that can generate sustainable earnings growth over the long-term. Reporting season not only provides an earnings data point that helps form .. read more

Media Release: Hyperion opens Global Growth Companies Fund to retail investors 24-Nov-2016

Aussie retail investors set to benefit from global growth Award winning high-conviction equities manager Hyperion Asset Management (Hyperion), has today announced that its latest fund, the Hyperion Globa.. read more

Sectors to embrace (and avoid) in global equity markets 27-Jul-2016

Hyperion proves sticking to the fundamentals pays off in any market. This year Hyperion celebrates its 20th year of managing high quality equity portfolios on behalf of our clients and our commitment to deliver.. read more

Media Release: Hard Closure of Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund 09-May-2016

Award-winning small-cap fund closing to protect future performance. Australian equities manager, Hyperion Asset Management (Hyperion), today announced that it will hard close its small-cap fund, the Hype.. read more

Reporting Season Insight: Strategic reinvestment trumps rocky Resources 14-Apr-2016

Reflecting on the recent reporting season, Hyperion Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, Mark Arnold discusses the weight of the interim results and how we put this info.. read more

Hyperion named Morningstar Australian Fund Manager of the Year 2016 07-Mar-2016

We are pleased to announce that Hyperion Asset Management scored a hat trick at the Morningstar Awards 2016, winning the top spot as the Morningstar Australian Fund Manager of the Year and taking the priz.. read more

Why quality stocks have outperformed over the year and will continue to do so 28-Jan-2016

High quality stocks have experienced superior growth over the past year and will continue to generate consistent returns for investors, according to Hyperion Portfolio Manager, Jaso.. read more

Here’s the reason why some businesses maintain outsized Profits (and most others don’t) 13-Oct-2015

Only a small number of businesses are in the position to earn ongoing outsized profits, according to Hyperion’s Chief Investment Officer, Mark Arnold. The key to a company&rsq.. read more

10 Reasons not to have 30% of your portfolio in the banks. 28-Jul-2015

According to Hyperion Portfolio Manager, Joel Gray, the sell signal for the Australian banks has been building for some time. The sector has enjoyed a massive rerating over the past.. read more

Media Release: Soft Closure Of Hyperion Funds 02-Apr-2015

Aussie equities manager says limiting volume of inflows essential to ensure ongoing outperformance Boutique Australian equities fund manager, Hyperion Asset Management, announced today that it will .. read more

The venture capitalists are coming: Beware the glossy prospectus. 25-Jun-2014

According to Hyperion Portfolio Manager, Jason Orthman (http://www.hyperion.com.au/app-our-team/jason-orthman), the IPO market is continuing to pick up steam. The run up in the stock m.. read more

Not all growth stocks are created equal. 24-May-2014

The rise and fall of hyper-growth stocks with volatile (or even zero) earnings has done much to enhance the appeal of time honoured, bottom-up fundamental analysis and a strict definit.. read more

When Worlds Collide: Addressing conflicts of interest between fund managers and investors. 30-Apr-2014

For as long as the business of managing money has been in existence, the gap between the interests of investors and fund managers has proved problematic. It’s an age old principal/a.. read more

Reporting Season Wrap: February 2014 21-Mar-2014

February has wrapped up another outstanding reporting season for the Hyperion portfolios. Quality stocks outperformed strongly during the month in what was textbook validation of a stock .. read more

Some preliminary thoughts on reporting season. 20-Feb-2014

Hyperion’s Portfolio Manager Jason Orthman (http://www.hyperion.com.au/app-our-team/jason-orthman)shares some initial thoughts on February’s reporting season highlights, and w.. read more

The key to success in 2014. 29-Jan-2014

Market sentiment has improved over the last year, and with it investors’ appetite for risk, with companies trading at premium price to earnings ratios and high dividen.. read more

Not all companies are created equal: Busting the myths about high price earnings ratios (PEs). 22-Nov-2013

With reporting season just behind us, Hyperion’s Chief Investment Officer, Mark Arnold (http://www.hyperion.com.au/app-our-team/mark-arnold-2), debunks a few.. read more

The need to disagree: How we tackle groupthink 22-Oct-2013

Hyperion’s Portfolio Manager Joel Gray discusses the dangers of groupthink in funds management and Hyperion’s approach to combating the internal impedim.. read more

Reporting season: Don’t let the numbers get in the way of a good story. 26-Sep-2013

Too often investors take reporting season figures at their face value instead of looking deeper to see the real story. As a consequence, they may be making decisions that lead.. read more

Reporting Season: Our thoughts so far. 22-Aug-2013

Although there have been few surprises so far, a couple of interesting themes are beginning to emerge as companies begin to release their half or full-year to June results. .. read more

Why people power trumps star power every time: the pitfalls of relying on a star manager 26-Jul-2013

The human brain is easily fooled into attributing too much to ‘expert’ intuition and to ascribing successes to the decisions of any one individual. Hyperion&r.. read more

Small is the new big – a new era in boutique investment management. 26-Jun-2013

In a coup for a long-standing team, Hyperion was last month named Fund Manager of the Year in the Money Management/Lonsec 2013 Fund Manager of the Year A.. read more

Australian imitators of Buffett… at least on paper anyhow. 21-May-2013

Given the transparency and the simple and intuitive nature of Warren Buffett’s investment approach, it is no surprise that there are a number of investment managers who have a v.. read more

Are you looking for growth in all the wrong places? 18-Apr-2013

Last month we talked about companies in our portfolios that achieved strong earnings growth despite uninspiring economic conditions. This month Portfolio Manager Justin Woerner takes us behind the scenes to.. read more

Earnings Season Wrap Up: Our Thoughts on the February Reporting Season 14-Mar-2013

There were few real surprises from the half-year reporting season for Hyperion. However, a number of earnings themes across our portfolios have become increasingly apparent. Hyperion’s Portfo.. read more

Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund wins at Morningstar Awards 2013 01-Mar-2013

Media release Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund wins at Morningstar Awards 2013 Australian equities fund manager, Hyperion Asset Management, was named as Domestic Equities Category Winne.. read more

Reporting season: Our expectations. 08-Feb-2013

Yet another reporting season is upon us, a vital time for market participants to justify or challenge recent sentiment, and to recalibrate pricing to fundamentals. Hyperion’s CIO Mark Arnold takes time ou.. read more

Capital protection first and foremost. 30-Jan-2013

Hyperion's Managing Director Tim Samway explains what is it that drives us to deliver the outcomes we do to our clients. The outperformance we have generated for clients in the last 16 years of 4... read more

Drought on IPO front no excuse for a go-slow on returns 07-Nov-2012

Media release Drought on IPO front no excuse for a go-slow on returns For best results make IPOs the exception, not the rule 7 November 2012: The dampening effect of the dramatic red.. read more

Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund is awarded ‘Highly Recommended’ rating by Lonsec 02-Oct-2012

Australian equities fund manager, Hyperion Asset Management, has, for the third consecutive year, been awarded a "Highly Recommended" rating for its Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund. The "Highly Re.. read more

Hyperion Asset Management scoops Blue Ribbon award 22-Aug-2012

Hyperion adds Smart Investor’s Fund Manager of the Year 2012 for Australian Small-Cap Shares to its growing list of industry accolades. Hyperion Asset Management was named Smart Investor’s Fund .. read more

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