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At Hyperion, we offer a choice of three funds to align with a range of investment goals.

Each portfolio has one thing in common – to deliver long-term outperformance for our investors.


Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund
Access the world's leading listed companies

In an increasingly borderless world, the Hyperion Investment Team applies its proven process to identify and invest in high quality growth companies in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • Capital preservation-driven
  • 15-30 of our best global equity investment ideas
  • Long-term investment horizons matched to your long term goals
  • Confidence from an experienced investment manager with 20+ years’ experience
  • We invest alongside you in our funds

Net Performance

Inception p.a.* (%)

Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund*


MSCI World Index (AUD)


Excess Performance


*Inception: 1st June 2014. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Data as at 31st October 2018.

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Meet our team

With growth and stability a hallmark of the Hyperion team, clients know the fund managers who delivered historical performance will be the same individuals responsible for delivering any future returns.


Mark Arnold

Chief Investment Officer & Executive Committee Chair

“Hyperion’s philosophy of investing in high quality growth businesses over the long term is perfectly aligned with how I think about investment.”


Jason Orthman

Deputy Chief Investment Officer & Executive Committee Deputy Chair

“Investing is an intellectual challenge that includes unpacking different companies, business models and trends. There’s a thrill in finding new opportunities that create value over time.”


Will Hartnell

Portfolio Manager

“Our challenge as long term investors is to find quality companies with organic growth prospects, run by intelligent fanatics, at a fair price. Although uncomfortable at times, I like the discipline and focus required to ignore the noise and back our convictions.”


Liam Polkinghorne

Portfolio Manager

“I really enjoy working with a team that has conviction in the quality-driven, long-term investment process and work hard to execute that process in a consistent manner.”

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