Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold
Lead Portfolio Manager, CIO & Managing Director – CFA, B.Com, LLB, CA, SF Fin

Mark has been a key contributor to the investment returns Hyperion has achieved since its inception in 1996. He has played an integral role in the design of Hyperion’s investment process and was instrumental in establishing the collegiate investment team culture that has underpinned Hyperion’s long-term success.

Mark is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of Hyperion. Mark is the most Senior Portfolio Manager in the investment team and has the most influence over Hyperion’s investment decision making. He has portfolio management responsibilities across all of Hyperion’s equity strategies. He is also the Chair of Hyperion’s Investment Committee.

Mark has been professionally analysing listed companies since 1991. He originally worked as a research analyst at Stockbroker Lance Jones Limited and then at Wilsons. Wilsons was the creator and original 100% equity owner of Hyperion. Mark is a qualified chartered accountant. Prior to establishing himself in the investment industry, Mark worked for KPMG. He holds undergraduate qualifications in Commerce and Law. Mark is a CFA Charterholder and a substantial shareholder in Hyperion.

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