Our approach to investing

Equity funds designed to outperform over the long term

Hyperion Asset Management’s portfolios are comprised of Australian and global shares that we believe offer the highest share price appreciation potential over the next five to ten years. In other words, we are business owners with a long-term view.

We look for opportunities in equities markets that will deliver long-term growth and only hold stocks we truly believe in. That makes our portfolios concentrated and high conviction.

Our distinctive approach is not a style of investing for those who want to follow an index or dilute returns through diversification. But if you’re a patient investor who is seeking a portfolio of just the best equity opportunities, Hyperion is for you.

It’s by remaining committed to this philosophy that we’ve weathered some of the most challenging equities markets in history while having delivered exceptional results to our clients.

Who we serve

We are client centric, focused on superior long-term returns. We have a strong history of successfully managing billions of dollars for sophisticated investors, both institutional and retail.

Hyperion manages approximately $6 billion for industry and public funds as well as for many private investors. The moneys are invested in Australian or Global equities either through large individual mandates or our three publicly available managed funds.

Our clients are generally:

  • Australian investors with a long-term investment horizon
  • Financial advisory practices helping their clients’ wealth grow
  • Institutional investors such as government investment funds, large superannuation funds, industry funds, insurance offices, investment banks, and family offices

While we serve investors of all sizes, we never lose sight of the individuals whose financial futures are affected by the decisions we make.

We work with:

  • Savvy investors, financial advisers and institutional investors
  • Those with long term investment goals, including building wealth and retirement
  • People looking for returns above an equities market index that are matched to their investment horizon
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