Our approach to investing

Equity funds designed to outperform over the long term

Australian and global equity portfolios constructed with a long term mindset.

Hyperion Asset Management exists to help our clients protect and grow their capital over the long term. When we invest capital in listed companies on our clients’ behalf, we have the mindset of long-term business owners, not short-term traders. The average holding period for the companies in our portfolios is 10 years and long-term sustainability of the businesses we invest in is core to our philosophy.

Sustainability is essential because over long time periods, the value proposition to all relevant parties associated with the business needs to be sufficiently attractive for the business to grow and thrive. In the very long term this includes the wider community, society and the environment. Long term capital preservation is a core part of our investment philosophy as we see risk as permanent loss of capital, not short-term market price volatility.

Our mindset is centered on achieving attractive long-term absolute positive real (inflation adjusted) returns on our clients’ portfolios. Our investment philosophy and process are designed to compound our clients’ capital at rates of return that are not only positive in absolute (inflation adjusted) terms but also materially above the relevant passive benchmarks over long time horizons. Compounding returns on capital are core to how we invest and how we have been able to grow our clients’ capital.

Since Hyperion was established in 1996, we have achieved our goal of producing attractive positive absolute real returns (preserving capital) whilst also achieving long-term returns significantly above the relevant benchmarks (after fees).

Who we serve

We are client centric, focused on superior long-term returns. We have a strong history of successfully managing billions of dollars for sophisticated investors, both institutional and retail.

Hyperion manages approximately $6 billion for industry and public funds as well as for many private investors. The moneys are invested in Australian or Global equities either through large individual mandates or our three publicly available managed funds.

Our clients are generally:

  • Australian investors with a long-term investment horizon
  • Financial advisory practices helping their clients’ wealth grow
  • Institutional investors such as government investment funds, large superannuation funds, industry funds, insurance offices, investment banks, and family offices

While we serve investors of all sizes, we never lose sight of the individuals whose financial futures are affected by the decisions we make.

We work with:

  • Savvy investors, financial advisers and institutional investors
  • Those with long term investment goals, including building wealth and retirement
  • People looking for returns above an equities market index that are matched to their investment horizon
You may know what you want to achieve with your savings in the long term but where should you invest now?
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