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Hyperion Global – Change of Registry Website Message

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our investor experience, on 15 March 2021 we transitioned unit registry services of the Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund (Managed Fund) (Fund) from RBC Investor Services to Automic Group (Automic). While the transition results in a change to existing unitholder account numbers, it includes a significant number of benefits including access to a simple and easy-to-use online investor portal.

Note: Investors in the Hyperion Australian Growth Companies Fund and Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund are not impacted by this change.

What Changes because of the Transition?

All unitholders have received a new Account Number.

  • For unitholders whose communication preference is email, you would have received an email from Automic on Monday 15 March 2021 notifying you of your new Account Number
  • For unitholders whose communication preference is post, a letter was posted to you on Monday 15 March 2021 notifying you of your new Account Number.
  • Should you require require any assistance, please call Automic on 1300 816 153 or email hyperion@automicgroup.com.au, or call Pinnacle Investment Management (Pinnacle) on 1300 010 311 or email service@pinnacleinvestment.com
  • All previous account and client numbers are no longer valid

What are the Benefits of the Transition?

One of the key benefits of the transition is that investors are able to manage their holdings via Automic’s secure and accessible online Investor Portal. Existing investors will need to register for Automic’s online Investor Portal by visiting https://investor.automic.com.au/#/signup and following these steps:

  • In the Company Name field, select “Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund”
  • Enter your new Account Number
  • Enter your Postcode or if outside of Australia, your Country of Residence
  • Tick the “I’m not a robot” box and click “Next”
  • Complete the prompts to set up your Username and Password


You will then have access to a single online interface to:

  • Submit trade instructions such as additional applications and redemptions;
  • Update and manage unitholder details such as address and distribution preference;
  • View performance, unit balances, and transaction history; and
  • Access all statements

Should you have any questions regarding the Investor Portal, please call Automic on 1300 816 153 (International +61 2 8072 1499) or email hyperion@automicgroup.com.au.

Adviser Portal

Financial advisers will have access to an Adviser Portal in May 2021 that provides a consolidated view of their clients’ holdings via the one login. Once available, we will contact advisers directly on how to register for access.

All PDSs and Investor Forms will be Updated

An updated PDS reflecting new unit registry details and updated investor forms are available on the Fund webpage. If transacting via paper form, please ensure you submit instructions to the updated postal address and transfer funds to the new bank account.

To ensure all forms are processed promptly, please use the latest versions available on the Fund webpage.

The most efficient method of transacting is via Automic’s Investor Portal, as it eliminates the need for paper documentation and processing delays.

New Unit Registry Contact and Bank Account Details – effective from 15 March 2021

From 15 March 2021, the new postal address for all documentation is:

Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund (Managed Fund)
c/- Automic Group
GPO Box 5193
Sydney NSW 2001

From 15 March 2021, the new email address for all documentation and client service queries is:


Forms can either be mailed or emailed to Automic. Please note that all documentation, including new applications and redemptions received by RBC after Friday 19 March will be rejected. We have arranged for a one-week grace period to allow unitholders to adjust to the transition.

From 15 March 2021, the new application bank account details are:

Hyperion Global Growth App

036 011

Account number:

Please note that all funds received by RBC after Friday 19 March 2021 will be rejected.

New Account Number –
effective 15 March 2021

From 15 March 2021, investors need to use their new account number issued by Automic when submitting trade instructions or speaking to Automic or Pinnacle. The new account number replaces the previous account number and client number. New account numbers appear on all statements from 31 March 2021. If investors are unable to access their new account number, please call Automic on 1300 816 153 or email hyperion@automicgroup.com.au, or Pinnacle on 1300 010 311 or email service@pinnacleinvestment.com.


From 15 March 2021, you will no longer be able to buy and sell on mFund. The Fund was admitted to the ASX as an Exchange Traded Managed Fund (ETMF). If you are an existing investor via mFund, your holdings were rounded and converted to units in the ETMF. From 22 March, you are able to buy and sell via the ASX using the ticker code ‘HYGG’.

Further Questions?

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Pinnacle during business hours on 1300 010 311 (Australia) or +61 2 8970 7750 (International) or via email at service@pinnacleinvestment.com.

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