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Financial Services Guide

1 Introduction

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is issued by Hyperion Investment Management Limited ABN 80 080 135 897(Hyperion, we or us) and is designed to provide important information about:

  • who we are;
  • the financial services and financial products we are authorised to provide;
  • how we are remunerated for these services and products;
  • any potential conflicts of interest;
  • how we deal with privacy;
  • our internal and external complaints handling procedures;
  • how you can contact us.

2 About Hyperion Asset Management Limited

Hyperion is a boutique Global and Australian equities fund manager based in Australia and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence, AFSL no. 238380. We manage portfolios for both institutions and for clients of financial advisers and our investment process is focused on finding the highest-quality growing listed businesses that we believe can produce investment out-performance for clients over rolling 5+ year periods.
Hyperion holds professional indemnity insurance cover that is compliant with s 912B of the Corporations Act 2001 (Act) and we view as adequate having regard to the nature of our business and the potential for compensation claims. This insurance cover extends to losses arising from the conduct of former employees or representatives of Hyperion whilst they were in our employment. Our Senior management reviews the insurance coverage annually and policies biennially.

3 Financial services of Hyperion

We are authorised under our AFSL to provide financial services restricted to general advice and dealings in relation to the following classes of financial products:

  • Basic and non-based deposit products;
  • Derivatives limited to old law securities options contracts and warrants;
  • Foreign exchange contracts;
  • Government debentures, stocks or bonds;
  • Interest in managed investment schemes including investor directed portfolio services;
  • Interest in managed investment schemes limited to MDA services;
  • Securities; and
  • Superannuation

Hyperion is also authorised to provide dealing services with respect to underwriting and to
operate custodial or depository services other than investor directed portfolio services.

We are authorised to provide the above financial services to both retail and wholesale clients.

Pinnacle Investment Management Limited ABN 66 109 659 109, AFSL 322140 and its associated entities (collectively Pinnacle) provide distribution and responsible entity services to Hyperion. Your dealings with Pinnacle will likely be through your financial adviser, your platform provider, or our Distribution team.

4 Documents for Retail Clients

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of each managed investment scheme that Hyperion acts as the investment manager for is available at https://www.hyperion.com.au/. The PDS of each managed investment scheme contains important information regarding the features, benefits, risks and fees applicable to that scheme. You should read the PDS carefully to enable you to make an informed decision about whether to invest in the scheme.

A Statement of Advice (SOA) is required to be given when you are provided with any personal advice which takes into account your objectives, financial situation and needs. We do not provide personal advice and therefore, we will not provide you with an SOA.

5 Remuneration

If you invest in any of our financial products, Hyperion will receive remuneration in relation to your investment in that financial product. This remuneration may include management and administration costs.

We may also be entitled to recover expenses incurred on behalf of the financial product or service. The expense recoveries and remuneration we will receive will be set out in the financial product’s PDS.

There are no commissions or fees payable to Hyperion staff directly for any general advice or service delivered.

Hyperion staff receive a salary and may receive bonuses and other benefits from time to time. Bonuses and other benefits are subject to factors such as company performance, volume of sales and performance of the individual employee. However, these bonuses and other benefits are at no additional cost to you.

You may receive advice about our products from financial advisers who are not employed by Hyperion. Your adviser is required to set out their remuneration in the FSG and/or SOA they give to you. If you have an ongoing fee arrangement with your financial adviser, they must also provide you with a fee disclosure statement on an annual basis.

6 Conflicts of interest

Potential conflicts may arise between the interests of investors, ourselves, our related parties or other third parties (including service providers appointed by us). Where a conflict arises, we give priority to investors’ interests. We have policies, procedures, and organisational arrangements in place to manage conflicts of interest.

From time to time, Hyperion’s directors may hold interests in shares or invest financial products issued by Pinnacle or our related companies.

7 Your privacy

We take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information about an investor that we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date. All personal information collected will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Under the Privacy Act 1988 and its amendments, an investor may request access to the personal information we and our service providers hold about them. The investor may request to amend or correct information, however if we do not agree with the requested changes, we are not obliged to make those changes.

The investor can request access to their personal information or a copy of our Privacy Policy by contacting:
Risk & Compliance Manager (Privacy Officer) Pinnacle Fund Services Limited
PO Box R1313
Email: Risk.Compliance@pinnacleinvestment.com
Phone: 1300 010 311

For complaints concerning privacy matters which have not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can then lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner via their online Privacy Complaint Form, available at https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-complaints/.

8 Complaints

Hyperion’s complaints handling process is designed to ensure that any concerns or feedback you may have are dealt with appropriately, promptly and fairly. Your concerns may be provided either verbally or in writing in strict confidence to:
Risk & Compliance Manager
Pinnacle Investment Management Limited
PO Box R1313
Royal Exchange NSW 1225
Email: Risk.Compliance@pinnacleinvestment.com
Phone: 1300 010 311

All complaints received will be acknowledged in writing. Hyperion will act in good faith to ensure your complaint is investigated and resolved. If your issue has not been satisfactorily resolved within 30 days, you may be entitled to refer your complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited. They will be able to advise you whether they can assist you in this matter. Our membership number is 11010, which you should quote when referring your complaint.

The contact details for the Australian Financial Complaints Authority are:
Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001
Email: info@afca.org.au
Phone: 1800 931 678
Website: https://www.afca.org.au/

9 Contact Us

You can contact us by mail, telephone, fax, email or via our website:
Hyperion Asset Management Limited Level 19, 307 Queen Street
GPO 1205,
Brisbane 4001, Australia
Phone: 1300 497 374
Email: distribution@pinnacleinvestment.com.au
Website: https://www.hyperion.com.au/

To download the Financial Services Guide, click here.