Why successful investing in sustainable business is fate not fad

Webinar & live Q&A

Hyperion Asset Management’s MD and CIO, Mark Arnold, and Deputy CIO, Jason Orthman, discussed how they think about sustainable investing, the forces at play which we believe will only continue to increase in importance for successful investing, and the opportunities they see likely to deliver strong returns in the Fireside chat and live Q&A: Why successful investing in sustainable businesses is fate not fad webinar.

Watch this webinar and download the slides to learn:
  • Identifying sustainability from greenwashing
  • Why sustainable companies are more profitable
  • The past is catching up with companies… what would be the impact of no externalised costs and compensation for historical damage to the environment?
  • The future of sustainable investing
  • What economic headwinds are impacting businesses globally
  • Which industries and markets Hyperion Asset Management expects to suffer in this “new world”
  • How high quality companies can be a hedge against market declines
  • Where the “smart money” is going in a future that is setting up to be a winner-takes-all market
  • Where the investment team sees solid opportunities over the next five to 10 years

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This on-demand webinar is aimed at sophisticated investors looking to learn directly from Hyperion Asset Management’s investment specialists.