Corporate governance

Ownership & management structure

Hyperion Asset Management is majority owned by its executives. All executive shareholders are members of the Investment Team. That is, there are no non-investment staff members that own shares in Hyperion.

Hyperion is an investment led firm. We believe that a successful funds management business must be managed by members of the investment team over the long-term because the members of the team are ultimately responsible for producing the returns to clients that are core to Hyperion’s value proposition.

Pinnacle Investment Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Investment Management Group Limited, is an Australian publicly listed investment management firm that provides specialist distribution and business support services to Hyperion. Pinnacle is a large shareholder in Hyperion.

The executive shareholders (via the Managing Director and the Executive Committee) are responsible for the effective running of the business. The Executive Committee members are also members of the Board.

The Hyperion investment team can only invest in Hyperion products, ensuring strong alignment between staff and clients.

Corporate governance at Hyperion

At Hyperion, good corporate governance is important to us.

Our policies and frameworks are regularly updated to remain in line with industry standards. We construct our portfolios to ensure long-term sustainability, which has led to a low carbon footprint and meeting many standards for green investing. Find out more about our policies and frameworks below.


Read our frameworks below.

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