Webinar and Q&A: Alpha, Inflation and Passive Investing in a New World

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Adviser update – webinar: Winners in a modern world

Hyperion Asset Management’s MD and CIO, Mark Arnold, and Deputy CIO, Jason Orthman, recently addressed advisers in this Winners in a Modern World adviser update webinar. The accompanying slides can be found here.

Key points addressed:

  1. How the shift to slower economic growth that Hyperion have spoken about over recent years has occurred incredibly quickly.
  2. How the Hyperion team have finessed their process over 24 years to protect and grow investor capital in slower growth environments.
  3. How the process has delivered CYTD, with the 3 Hyperion portfolios outperforming relative benchmarks by between 750bps and 1250bps.
  4. How the 3 portfolios are positioned going forward.

You can download the accompanying slides here.

A complete written transcript of the webinar can be downloaded here.

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