Adviser Update: Disruption, Growth and Value in the New Economic Framework

Adviser Update August 2020 Webinar

Hyperion Asset Management’s MD and CIO, Mark Arnold, and Deputy CIO, Jason Orthman, recently addressed advisers in the Disruption, growth and value in the new economic framework webinar.

One of Australia’s best performing fund managers over the last decade [Hyperion Asset Management] has warned of tough times ahead for investors, and believes those same conditions will support another decade of market dominance for growth-biased investment styles.”

28 January 2020

“For a sense of where the sharemarket is going, turn to one of Australia’s best performing managers. Hyperion Asset Management’s chief investment officer, Mark Arnold sums it up in one word: caution.”

25 – 26 April 2020

This on-demand webinar is aimed at sophisticated investors looking to learn directly from Hyperion Asset Management’s investment specialists.

Watch this webinar and download the slides to learn:
  • What does the new economic framework look like going forward?
  • What investment styles are going to work when many will fail?
  • Who are the disruptive growth companies of the future?
  • What does the market misunderstand in assessing valuations for structural growth businesses?
  • Which sectors can drive EPS growth irrespective of GDP growth?
  • Hyperion Portfolio and market update
  • Live Q&A with Hyperion CIOs

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