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Hyperion’s fundamentals-driven investment style offers growth-oriented solutions to meet your clients’ long-term financial goals.

We understand that today’s shifting financial landscape presents to financial advisers with unique challenges. Insights from Hyperion’s in-house investment team keep you on top of the factors affecting your clients’ investments. Sales materials help you prospect for new clients and further your relationship with current ones. The in-depth information on our family of funds and investment strategies will help you develop solutions for a variety of investment needs.

Your clients will feel secure in the knowledge that Hyperion’s senior management team invests the majority of their assets in Hyperion funds, meaning our interests are always aligned with theirs. Hyperion offers a range of professionally-managed funds for individual investors. Our proprietary, fundamentals-driven investment process creates portfolios that are dominated by investments:

  • That own high quality business franchises
  • With above average growth potential
  • With low levels of gearing
  • With predictable medium to long-term earnings streams

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our distribution partner, Pinnacle Investment Management, is ready to help you build your business.

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