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Institutional Investors

Welcome to goal-oriented institutional investing

At Hyperion, we help institution investors diversify their portfolios, control risk, and pursue outsized long term investment performance. Corporate pensions, public retirement plans, national and international government, semi-government and local government, large Australian and international institutions and superannuation funds trust Hyperion to deliver access to high calibre investments with strong growth potential that help them reach their long term financial goals. 

Although our client base is heavily weighted towards institutional investors and financial advisors, we never lose sight of the individual investors whose lifestyles and future depend on our decisions. At the core of our portfolio strategy is an investment process that identifies high-quality companies that demonstrate sound economics, long-term sustainability and a sustainable competitive advantage. We believe, and our results have shown, that well-managed companies with solid fundamentals produce the best long-term returns for our clients. Our investment style favours a relatively concentrated portfolio of predictable, high calibre companies with superior growth potential

Our History

Institutional Offering

We offer institutional investors a discrete Australian equity mandate service. Hyperion’s deep growth style, benchmark insensitivity and a longer investment horizon means our funds are an excellent choice for institutions looking for negative correlation to other managers and real opportunities for alpha addition. Our unique investment process builds portfolios which are dominated by companies:

  • That own high quality business franchises
  • With above average growth potential
  • With low levels of gearing
  • With predictable medium to long-term earnings streams

Institutional Mandates

Our Leadership

As a Hyperion institutional client, your service team is made up of;

  1. Tim Samway – Institutions and Family Offices
  2. Racheal Croft – Institutions
  3. Chloe Tilley – Asset Consultants 

Information on typical Hyperion Australian equity and smaller company portfolios is available by contacting: clientservices@hyperion.com.au

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