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Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund

Welcome to superior Australian small-cap investing

The success of the Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund rests on our rigorous proprietary investment process that combines meticulous quantitative analysis with in-depth qualitative research. We have a passion for buying the highest quality businesses with strong growth prospects and identifiable competitive advantages at an attractive price based on a long-term horizon. We seek out the best of Australia’s Small Cap companies to create a unique portfolio of high-growth investments.

We exploit other market participants' focus on short-term market sentiment and performance benchmarks; we think and act more like smart business owners than stock pickers. We believe, and our results have shown, that well-managed companies with solid fundamentals produce the best long-term returns for our clients.

Hard Closure of the Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund

Please note that the Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund (BNT0101AU) will be hard closed effective 31 May 2016. From 1 June 2016, no new or additional applications will be accepted into the fund either directly or via a platform. Redemptions from the fund will be processed as per normal. 

Investment Objective

The Hyperion Small Growth Companies Fund seeks to achieve medium to long-term capital growth and income through investing in high calibre Australian companies primarily listed outside the S&P/ASX 100 at the time of investment. The Fund aims to achieve a total return after expenses that exceeds the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index over a five year horizon. The Fund is highly concentrated, containing typically 15-25 stocks, with low turnover.

The fund is largely comprised of companies:

  • That own high quality business franchises;
  • With above average growth potential;
  • With low levels of gearing;
  • With predictable medium to long-term earnings streams. 

Investment Strategy

Hyperion actively manages its portfolio of companies using proprietary quantitative analytical models, as well as qualitative bottom-up research. Our rigorous research process creates high-conviction, benchmark insensitive portfolios with excellent after-tax efficiency.  We are proud of our track record of index-beating long term performance over multiple business cycles. Any investments that do not pass our stringent requirements are not held; we regularly review our portfolio holdings and rebalance as necessary to maintain quality standards.

Investment Risk

This fund is appropriate for investors who are willing to take more risk in search of greater returns. Aggressive investors are comfortable with volatility and with the possibility of negative returns and aim to invest over a long period. Risk is controlled on an absolute basis by investing in quality companies. Mutual fund investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal invested.

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