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Media Release: Hyperion opens Global Growth Companies Fund to retail investors


Aussie retail investors set to benefit from global growth

Award winning high-conviction equities manager Hyperion Asset Management (Hyperion), has today announced that its latest fund, the Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund (Global Growth Fund) will be open to direct applications from retail investors.

The Global Growth Fund was established in May 2014 with seed money from Hyperion’s investment team. It is run by Hyperion’s, long-standing, successful investment team, using the same philosophy and process which has produced consistently strong returns from their Australian equity portfolios.

The Global Growth Fund aims to invest in the highest quality global companies in developed countries, with the aim of producing medium to long-term growth and income. Since inception, performance has been strong, re-affirming that Hyperion’s bottom-up approach to long-term investing translates successfully to global markets. 

Speaking about the Global Growth Fund, Hyperion Managing Director, Tim Samway, said that the creation of an international equities fund was a natural consequence of the fact that Hyperion already has a deep understanding of many international markets.

“Many of the Australian listed companies we invest in derive a significant proportion of their revenues, and more importantly, their growth, from offshore operations. 

“As a result we have always done a great deal of research into the global competitors to our domestic stocks, so it seemed like a logical extension to further that research and invest ourselves. 

“We’ve had our own money invested for two years now, and we’re really pleased that our investment strategy has been as successful in overseas equity markets as it has in Australia,” Mr Samway said. 

Mr Samway went on to explain that investors looking for long-term growth would be wise to consider global equities in addition to their domestic portfolios.

“Global equities offer a wider universe of quality companies, with larger addressable markets which translates into better projected performance and downside protection for portfolios. 

“At Hyperion, we invest like business owners, because we believe that well-managed companies with solid fundamentals and structural growth opportunities will outperform over the long term. 

Mr Samway concluded by saying that Hyperion’s aim has always been to provide long-term capital growth and income to investors, and that the reality now is that there are more companies to choose from if they expand their investment universe to offshore markets. 

“That’s why we’re really pleased to offer retail investors the chance to invest in high-quality global companies with an Australian manager they know, and which has an established and successful track-record in equity investment,” he said.

For further information, please view the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement.

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