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About Hyperion

Our investment objective is to deliver superior returns over a five-year or more investment horizon

What We Do

Hyperion Asset Management is singularly focused on delivering outperformance over the long-term through investing in high calibre Australian and Global equities. Our investment team has developed a proprietary investment process that rigorously filters for companies that have:

  • Sustainable competitive advantage within their operating environment
  • Organic growth opportunities
  • Quality, stable management

This results in a concentrated portfolio of stocks that earn and maintain their position in the portfolio by adhering to a strict definition of quality. We are unswayed by market sentiment or index weightings, opting instead to be solely influenced by fundamentals and in-depth analysis.

While many other fund managers talk about bottom-up, quality investing, you will find the Hyperion team actually do just that. We are unswerving in our attention to detail and our passion for quality.

Our History

Who We Serve

We are a business-to-business fund manager whose clients are predominately Australian:

  1. Institutional investors such as large superannuation companies, industry funds, insurance offices, investment banks, family offices; and
  2. Financial advisory practices.

Our clients are looking for a manager that understands long-term investing and matching their clients’ time horizon with the investment’s optimal time horizon. We are a good fit for institutional fund managers and financial advisers managing assets for retirement, wealth succession and other long-term goals. While we primarily serve large-scale clients, we never lose sight of the individual investors whose financial futures are affected by the decisions we make.

Institutional Investors

What You Can Expect

Hyperion Investment Team

Since our investment team and key executives are shareholders in the business and significant investors in our products, our clients can expect total alignment between their objectives and ours. We keep our clients’ interest at the centre of all we do, meaning our clients can expect first-class service.

By the nature of our investment philosophy, Hyperion’s portfolios will not always rank at the top of the short-term performance tables but over the time horizons that are important to our clients, we expect to continue our track record of outperformance relative to the relevant Australian share market index over 5 year periods.

Our consistent deep growth style, benchmark insensitivity and long term horizon ensures that within a diversified portfolio we are a good choice as a satellite fund manager to generate high excess returns above the benchmark and supply negative correlation to other Australian equity managers.

Our Leadership


Hyperion Asset Management is owned by its executives, the majority of whom make up the investment team, and by Pinnacle Investment Management.

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