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About Hyperion

Our Competitive Advantage

Welcome to the Hyperion Advantage. Hyperion is not like other investment managers.

There are other investment managers that make this claim but where Hyperion truly differentiates itself is in the discipline with which we execute our philosophy. That discipline requires three elements to be aligned: our experienced people, our rigorous fundamental analysis process, and our perceptive focus on products with long-term value.

How we Mange Money

Our People

At Hyperion, we have successfully recruited a team of passionate and committed investment professionals who have a track record of excellence. Our core investment team has been together for over 10 years and we are proud that in an industry characterised by high turnover, they remain committed to the Hyperion way. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that the same team that developed our proprietary investment process and established our reputation for performance have substantial personal investments in our products. Our clients rest easy knowing their financial future is in the hands of experienced, disciplined experts who are personally invested in Hyperion products.

Our Team

Our Process

At the heart of our success is a commitment to fundamental research and a rigorous proprietary investment process. We buy the highest quality businesses with strong growth prospects and sustainable competitive advantages at an attractive price based on a thoroughly researched long-term view. We exploit other market participants' focus on short-term market sentiment and performance of benchmarks; we think and act more like smart business owners than stock pickers. We believe, and our results have shown, that well-managed companies with solid fundamentals produce the best long-term returns for our clients. Our time-tested investment formula has repeatedly provided outperformance to our clients, proving that our process delivers success.

Investment Process

Our Products

Hyperion products are developed in alignment with our core principles to create portfolios that cater to a wide variety of investor groups. Our proprietary investment process produces high-conviction, benchmark insensitive portfolios with excellent after-tax efficiency. We are proud of our track record of index-beating long term performance over multiple business cycles. Our clients trust us to deliver high performance results and time and again, Hyperion products have delivered table-leading, award-winning results.

Our Products

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