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Deborah Beale


"Being in a position to make a positive economic contribution to the lives of our clients is an honour I take very seriously. I have been working in the finance industry for 20 years, developing expertise in both debt and equity markets. My experience in governance also enables me to clearly define the difference between executive and non-executive roles. I am committed to working only with organisations demonstrating the highest levels of professionalism and integrity"

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Timothy Samway

Managing Director

"My priority is to serve the interests of our clients and to provide a working environment where Hyperion's people can contribute to the best of their abilities. I have enjoyed a diverse career that has covered most of the aspects of building and successfully operating financial services businesses. From my early days at the chartered accounting firm, Deloitte, I understand that people as well as systems drive business success and I work to develop both. Ten years in stockbroking reinforced my conviction that detailed fundamental research is paramount when creating positive investment outcomes."

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Ian Macoun


“We are immensely proud of the portfolio returns we have generated for our clients and our unwavering commitment to high quality investments. I have been the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Investment Officer of Australian funds management firms for more than 20 years. My most important contributions at Hyperion are my passion for supporting talented investment professionals in delivering superior performance; my focus on delivering great investment outcomes for clients; and my experience in running funds management businesses."

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Mark Arnold

Chief Investment Officer & Investment Committee Chair - CFA, B.Com, LLB, CA, SF Fin

"We work to identify and eliminate behavioural biases in our decision making so that we always focus on long-term fundamentals. I have been involved with Hyperion since 1997 and directly managing portfolios for the business since 1998. I am pleased with the outperformance we have generated for our clients and I believe it is a testament to our philosophy of only investing in the highest quality companies."

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Joel Gray

Portfolio Manager - CFA, B.Ec, F Fin

“I bring to the Hyperion board a commitment to ensuring that we maintain the highest ethical standards and that long-term alpha generation will be the primary focus. My 16 years of experience as a bottom-up stock-picker ensures that I am always looking at the Hyperion business issues from the viewpoint of protecting long-term returns. I have a passion for investing and believe in the Hyperion process, having been deeply involved in its development.”

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Adrian Whittingham


"Hyperion’s strengths are in the team’s strict adherence to key investing principles during challenging periods and in their unwavering passion for the philosophy behind Hyperion’s investing process."

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